1 Label APA Rated Sheathing [1][2][4][12][13] Nail Size & Spacing @ Edges [4][5] Stud & Blocking Size @ Adjoining Edges [3][6][14] Rim Joist or block connection to top plate [7][8] 2 X Bottom Plate Attachment Sill Plate Attachment PLF Capacity
2 Anchor Bolt to Concrete Below [10][15] Sill Plate Size @ Foundation [11]
3 Nailing To Wood Below [9]
6 W6                
7 W4                
8 W3                
9 W2                
10 2W4 [2]                
11 2W3 [2]                
12 2W2 [2]                
15 Required Notes            
16 [1] Install panels either horizontally or vertically
17 [2] Where sheathing is applied on both sides of wall, panel edge joints on 2x framing shall be staggered so that joints on the opposite sides are not located on the same studs.
18 [3] Blocking is required at all panel edges                
19 [4] Provide shear wall sheathing and nailing for the entire length of the walls indicated on the plans. Ends of full height walls are designated by exterior of the building, corridors, windows, or doorways or as designated on plans. See plans for holdown requirements. (Alternate note: walls designated as perforated shearwalls require sheathing above and below all openings)
20 [5] Sheathing edge nailing is required at all holdown posts. Edge nailing may also be required to each stud used in built-up holdown posts. Refer to the holdown details for additional information.
21 [6] Intermediate framing to be with 2x minimum members. Field nailing 12" O.C.
22 [7] Based on 0.131 x 1-1/2" long nails used to attach framing clips directly to framing. Use 0.131 x 2-1/2" nails where installed over sheathing
23 [8] Framing clips: A35 or LTP5 or approved equivalent
24 [9] Where plate attachment specifies (2) rows of nails, provide double joist, rim or equal. Attach per details.
25 [10] (in Seismic Design Categories D,E&F) Anchor bolts shall be provided with steel plate washers 3/16"x2"x2". Embed anchor bolts 7" minimum into the concrete.
26 [11] Pressure treated material can cause excessive corrosion in the fasteners. Provide hot-dipped galvanized (electro-plating is not acceptable) nails and connector plates (framing angles, etc.) for all connectors in contact with pressure treated framing members. .
28 Alternate Notes            
29 [12] 7/16" APA rated sheathing (OSB) may be used in place of 15/32" sheathing provided that all studs are spaced at 16" O.C.
30 [13] Where wood sheathing (W) is applied over gypsum sheathing (G), contact the engineer of record for alternate nailing requirements.
31 [14] At adjoining panel edges, (2) 2x studs nailed together may be used in place of a single 3x stud. Double 2x studs may be connected together by nailing the studs together with 3" long nails of the same spacing and diameter as the plate nailing.
32 [15] Contact the engineer of record for adhesive or expansion bolt alternatives to cast-in-place anchor bolts. (special inspection may be required)